[Coco] Q on the extra chip socket the 2 meg kit uses

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Sorry Gene, my 1-meg board is soldered directly to the motherboard where the cpu was located. Mine has 40 long, stiff pins coming from the board then soldered directly to the motherboard.
I guess this eliminates having your problem, but makes repairs a major PITA.

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My coco3 has died again.  No clue if its oxidized gime or poor contact in 
he cpu socket.
That, in addition to my needing to design & make a new bit-banger path, 
omewhere in the salt to 6821/22 is a blown chip so my DW is DOA.  That I 
robably am responsible for as internal diagrams on the SALT chip are lost 
n the sands of time. The problem?  I fed it with the full 12 v + & - from 
y old XT PSU that runs everything, under normal use, running on 8 volts 
n the OEM design, a feedback loop in the DW from a miss-configure would 
ot heat things up and destroy something, but on a full +-12volts, the 
alt and whatever got too hot and expired. New salt didn't fix it, so I 
eed to start with a fresh 6821/22 and make a MAX-232 like interface for 
he bit-banger.  Once thats done, the salt chip can be removed.  Thats a 
ob for eagle I think.
For those of you who have the 2 meg kit, the cpu is replaced with a 40 pin 
ocket on the motherboard.  The cpu of choice is then plugged into a 40 
in wire-wrap tailed socket on the 2 meg kit and the length of the wire 
rap tails supplies the vertical height needed to make all the extra pcb 
tuff clear its surroundings.  Then another 40 pin socket is added, with 
he wire wrap tails plugged into it.
This serves as a bracing means to keep the tails all perfectly aligned.
But this extra 40 pin socket, which then is plugged into the socket where 
he 6x09 was on the motherboard, has very weak, thin solder tails on its 
ottom, and its both very difficult to keep them aligned so they will plug 
nto the bottom socket, and the contact isn't a great contact once a bit 
f time has oxidized both sockets and solder tails.   And when plugging it 
n, you are working by feel because the surrounding bits hide the bottom 
ocket so well.
So my question then, is does anyone know of a specific brand and model of 
 40 pin socket that has substantially heavier solder tails, preferably 
old flashed too?
Cheers, Gene Heskett
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