[Coco] Newbie HDB-DOS Issues

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Sun Jul 6 19:54:11 EDT 2014

i bet it has the autostart pin on

On Jul 6, 2014, at 6:20 PM, Arthur Flexser <flexser at fiu.edu> wrote:

The fact that the WIDTH command is giving you SN errors suggests the
possibility that any Super Extended Basic command isn't recognized.  The
most likely cause of that would be that you have somehow gotten out of the
all-RAM mode that the CoCo 3 normally operates in.  Try doing POKE&HFFDF,0
to put you into all-RAM mode and see if the SN errors are then gone.


On Sun, Jul 6, 2014 at 6:11 PM, Stephen Pereira <spereira1952 at comcast.net>

> Hello all,
> I purchased an EPROM version of HDB-DOS from Cloud-9 some time ago.
> I finally got around to building up my cartridge for this EPROM this
> weekend.  I am happy to say that it boots up fine.  I was excited to see my
> CoCo 3 boot directly into HDB-DOS, rather than having to load the .WAV
> file.  It is great to be able to access my virtual drives via Drivewire 3
> right away.
> I am experiencing some problems, and I hope that someone may be able to
> help me resolve them.
> I first took a look at one of my virtual disks with BASIC programs on it.
> DIR shows the directory just as it should.  LOAD works fine, as well.  I
> then started to get SN ERRORs in my programs that previously worked fine.
> Also, when I tried to do WIDTH 80 (or WIDTH 40) I also got a SN ERROR.
> I tried going back to load my .WAV file, and that works fine, just as it
> always has been working.  None of the SN ERRORs that I was getting with the
> EPROM version.
> When I re-tried things with my EPROM cartridge loaded, again, I was back
> to the same mysterious SN ERRORs.  Without the cartridge, using the .WAV
> file again returned things to how they have been normally working.
> I notice that the .WAV file sign-on message states:
> HDB-DOS 1.2 DW3 COCO 3
> The cartridge sign-on message states:
> Could this be my problem?  Is it possible that an earlier version has some
> kind of problem?
> Is there something that I am missing between the two methods of using
> CLOADM to load the .WAV file and simply powering up with the EPROM
> cartridge installed?
> BTW, I sent off a similar message to Mark Mallette at Cloud-9, also.
> Hopefully, he will contact me sometime this week, when he can.  In the
> meantime, I would greatly appreciate any ideas that you all may have to
> offer.
> smp
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