[Coco] Newbie HDB-DOS Issues

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Personally, I won't use anything below hdbdos 1.4. There's been a few bug fixes and some tweaking.
Mark's version should be stable, but I prefer the latest build since it went open source.

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Hello all,

I purchased an EPROM version of HDB-DOS from Cloud-9 some time ago.

I finally got around to building up my cartridge for this EPROM this weekend.  I 
am happy to say that it boots up fine.  I was excited to see my CoCo 3 boot 
directly into HDB-DOS, rather than having to load the .WAV file.  It is great to 
be able to access my virtual drives via Drivewire 3 right away.

I am experiencing some problems, and I hope that someone may be able to help me 
resolve them.

I first took a look at one of my virtual disks with BASIC programs on it.  DIR 
shows the directory just as it should.  LOAD works fine, as well.  I then 
started to get SN ERRORs in my programs that previously worked fine.  Also, when 
I tried to do WIDTH 80 (or WIDTH 40) I also got a SN ERROR.

I tried going back to load my .WAV file, and that works fine, just as it always 
has been working.  None of the SN ERRORs that I was getting with the EPROM 

When I re-tried things with my EPROM cartridge loaded, again, I was back to the 
same mysterious SN ERRORs.  Without the cartridge, using the .WAV file again 
returned things to how they have been normally working.

I notice that the .WAV file sign-on message states: 


The cartridge sign-on message states:


Could this be my problem?  Is it possible that an earlier version has some kind 
of problem?

Is there something that I am missing between the two methods of using CLOADM to 
load the .WAV file and simply powering up with the EPROM cartridge installed?

BTW, I sent off a similar message to Mark Mallette at Cloud-9, also.  Hopefully, 
he will contact me sometime this week, when he can.  In the meantime, I would 
greatly appreciate any ideas that you all may have to offer.


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