[Coco] Newbie Questions

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Fri Jul 4 19:03:27 EDT 2014

Stephen Pereira wrote:
> Hello Robert,
> Thank you very much for your detailed reply.  This is greatly appreciated.
> Here is my follow-up question:
> Since I have all the parts and pieces to create a ROM Cartridge that has HDB-DOS in an EPROM, would that be a substitute for purchasing a floppy disk controller?  It would fulfill the criteria of having HDB-DOS in both RAM and ROM, rather than just having it in RAM as I do now.
> Again, thanks very much for all your attention and support!
> smp

That will be fine as long as you have no intention of acquiring actual floppy 
drives for the Coco.

With your Disk ROM (Drivewire HDBDOS) in a ROM cartridge, you will be able to 
access drives on the Drivewire server.
You will need to ensure that the command DRIVE ON is the default condition or 
you will be trying to access non-existent floppies for drives 0-3.


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