[Coco] 5-1/4″ DS DD 80 track drive, 300 RPM mod

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Fri Jul 4 12:12:13 EDT 2014

Kandur wrote:
> Amazing, so much work was put into DW4 and VCC 1.43beta !
> Followed your instructions and everything worked fine.
> Now I can and will explore many possibilities, but don't
> want to be distracted from my main goal, restoring my hd backup set.
> Here is my setup:
> 128k Coco-3 with HDB-DOS rom selected in a J&M FD controller,
> 3.5" drive '0' and 5.25" drive '1' real floppy drives connected,
> nos96809l2v030300coco3_dw running on the Coco,
> HD backup floppy loaded in /d1, dir shows file ok.

You could try setting DW4 for a Coco3 connection and with a disk image mounted 
in DW4 drive2 do the following:
set HDBDOS Translation on DW4
on Coco

Basic will backup both Disk Basic and OS-9 disks. However, the disks can't be 
larger than 35 tracks and must be single sided.

> DW4 server running on the PC, configured for emulator,
> server drive 0 loaded with nos96809l2v030300coco3_dw.
> VCC 1.43beta running on the PC, configured for RGB-DOS,
> Becker intf. enabled, IP address  TCP port 65504

That is not correct if you want VCC 1.43beta to access DW4. You must select an 
external ROM, hdbdw3bc3.rom. That ROM will be able to boot NitrOS-9 from DW4 drive0.
Then you can do backup/copies under NitrOS-9.

> See these screenhsots:
> http://qdv.pw/coco/blog/2014/07/
> Specific questions,
> How can I copy the backup file from /d1 on the Coco to the PC  ?

If you now intend to Backup Coco floppies to DW floppies under NitrOS-9, the DW4 
floppy MUST have the same format as the real Coco floppy. If not, Backup will 
not run.

> What is the best format for these backup file copies to be
> on the PC, for the HDKIT program to restore?

Can't answer for HDKIT, you will just have to experiment. I've already explained 
how you should determine the disk format of the real backup floppies. That is 
the format you will need on the DW4 server if you intend to backup the disk 
under NitrOS-9.

> Kandur


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