[Coco] 5-1/4″ DS DD 80 track drive, 300 RPM mod

Kandur k at qdv.pw
Tue Jul 1 20:11:53 EDT 2014

Finally, since 1989, I was able to read my HD backup floppies.
These were created on a 5-1/4? DS DD 80 Track 300 RPM drive.
To find such drives these days is next to impossible.
On the other hand, there are plenty of DS DD 80 Track 360 RPM 5-1/4? drives around, 
such as the Panasonic JU-475 series. I had a couple of those.
Moving around jumpers, supposed to change it?s rpm to 300.
Tried every possible combination, but it didn?t work with the Coco.
Here is the solution,
Now that I have DW4 working with both virtual and real floppy drives,
I?d like to find a way to copy the HD backup floppies to virtual floppies
and restore the backup set to a hard drive. 
Can anyone tell, by looking at the directory listing,  which backup program was used?


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