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Hi Chester!
How are you going to remove the old 6809 chips from your Cocos?  Are you
going to desolder them in what I would call a proper manner or are you going
to destroy them by cutting the pins?  I've heard people cut their 6809s out
to make it easier to desolder the pins left behind which I can certainly
understand.  I just can't see destroying a perfectly good 6809 chip since
they are becoming quite precious these days.  I too want to upgrade all my
Cocos as well.  I just have not been able to perfect my desoldering
techniques.  The tip on my desoldering iron from Radio Shack is a bit too
big to perform the job properly.  
I want to put all my 6x09 microprocessors in sockets as well.  Until the new
6309 microprocessors are tested, then obviously their condition is unknown.
If the pins on the 6809 are cut and the new 6309 is bad then the Coco is
down for the count and temporarily out of the picture.  That is a risk I'm
not willing to take.  Besides, I just don't like destroying fully functional
chips - that is unless they are Fritos Scoops!  ;D  
Please don't take my thoughts in a bad way.  I'm just trying to figure out
how best to accomplish my upgrades so I guess I'm thinking out loud.  That's
something I do a lot.  I seem to think much better if I think out loud or
write down my thoughts in letters or emails.   Anyway, the 6809 to 6309
upgrade situation has been on my mind for quite a while now.  I do hope that
your 6309 upgrades on all your Cocos goes successfully and without any
intermediate problems.  Take care my friend.  

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Hi. I'm going to pop the 6809s on my Cocos and put in 6309s.
I am looking to buy some 6309 IC's on eBay. The ones I'm looking at are at

Is there any experience on the list with this seller/these chips?
Suggestions? Recommendations?

Thanks much.

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