[Coco] Run .BIN directly in Coco3 emulator?

Steve 6809er at srbsoftware.com
Sat Apr 12 12:33:51 EDT 2014

No, you don't need to write an essay for each line.  But as I told my 
colleagues and later students, you do need to write a essay about what 
the code block is doing and how it's going to do it.  The line by line 
(or subsection) gets the crib notes version so you can figure out in the 
future what you are trying to do and how it's done.

I've also made it point to have my students re-write every line comment 
after to code is done.  This not only make the comments more readable, 
but they also catch the program bugs still hiding in their code.

Only if more programmers would do this then maybe Heartbleed bug of 
OpenSSL would not cost me a week of work.


On 4/12/2014 6:52 AM, Mark McDougall wrote:
> On 12/04/2014 9:57 PM, Mark McDougall wrote:
>>> The beauty of well-commented code ;)
>> lda    #$E1    ; screen based at page $38 ($70000) + 16 lines 
>> (16*128=2KB)
>> sta    VOFFMSB    ; /8 = $E100
>> I'm open to suggestions...
> OK, sorted. The issue wasn't my comment - the issue is WHY I used page 
> #38. Now I know. So without writing an essay on each line, my comments 
> didn't help my long-lost knowledge of the GIME.
> Regards,

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