[Coco] Adapting a V9958 64-pin Chip to fit a Solderless Breadboard

iggybeans at comcast.net iggybeans at comcast.net
Thu Nov 28 20:35:57 EST 2013

Yes, the V9958 is an SDIP with closer spacing on the pins than breadboards are designed for. 
I'm surprised Kip didn't contact me about that, since I've had them on hand for a couple months now. 
I've actually found it easier to use the more advanced V9990, since I can mount that to a carrier board that has standard spacing. 
While an complicated solution, a similar carrier board could be designed for the V9958. 
Or the VDP could be mounted on a separate surface and wire wrapped into an breadboard design. 

In any case, I'd highly recommend Yamaha VDPs for 80 column projects (and to experiment with Sprite fraphics and the other included functions). 
These chips should lend themselves to use in a pak. 
Right now, I'm considering a more complicated internal modification. 

I hope you guys post your progress. it should prove interesting. 

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