[Coco] Does XC80652P = 6847 VDG?

Jim Harre jim at tweech.com
Mon Dec 16 14:31:34 EST 2013

Thanks, Brendan. With that part number, I found a lot more useful links 
- including Tony DeStefano's Rainbow articles from Sept '86 and Nov '86. 
Just have to do some reading...

    <*> Jim

On 12/16/2013 12:07 PM, Brendan Donahe wrote:
> The XC80642P is an updated 6847 VDG with an integrated off-chip latch.  It
> is also known as the 6847T1.  DiStefano (sp?) had a turn-of-the-screw
> article on it.  The pinout differs from the 6847.
> Hope this helps,
> Brendan

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