[Coco] [COCO] ATX to CoCo3 conversion

David Ladd drencor at gamepixel.net
Tue Sep 25 01:32:17 EDT 2012

I am not sure if anyone has tried to work out a circuit that would
allow us to use a ATX power supply to power a CoCo3's motherboard and
other devices in a PC case conversion.

Back in the good old days I had gotten the document off of Delphi for
the AT PS to CoCo3 conversion.  Though these days getting harder to
find places that sell new AT PS.

I know based on what I have seen the ATX PS provides a +5v line at all
times for use in a circuit so that when you press the button on a
normal desktop PC motherboard it then sends the +5v to the PowerOn

What I would like to know is how safe it would be to just use a
standard on/off switch with a pull up resister to send a on status to
the PowerOn line on the ATX PS?

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