[Coco] C64 converted into low operating keys

Ciaran Anscomb cocomalt at 6809.org.uk
Wed Sep 19 02:48:51 EDT 2012

Bill Pierce wrote:
> Actually, given the right software, the Coco can produce quite a few
> interesting and very musical sounds. [...]
> There's been tons of software for synthesis on the Coco. Two that I know of
> are in Rainbow mag. Then you have Sountrax, Maxsound, Studio Works, all of
> which use sampled waveforms to produce music. [...]
> Programs like Musica, Lyra (TV Play), Bells & Whistles 2, Composer, Music++,
> all use wavetable sound synthesis. [...]

Just to pad out the list, there's also Synther 7 (which I don't *think*
was Dragon-only) and Rem's CoCoSID - for which source is available if
you want to hack on it[0]:


So you can indeed get some nice noises.  Although in this case Jeri
only used the sound chip from the original C64 guts - our "sound chip"
is pretty much just a bunch of resistors!


[0] And I did want to hack on it, so:

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