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On Wednesday 12 September 2012 11:17:42 abrower did opine:

> Thanks bud!  I wasn't sure how many others are still out there like me
> remembering such things
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What I remember most from such activities way back when was the inability 
to ascertain if the character was a 1(one) or an l(ell) because the dmp 
Lonnie used to make the offset plates for the Rainbow did not distinguish 
between them, and on the odd occasions when he made plates using a daisy 
wheel printer, he must have had 2 printers because one of them looked 
identical to my own Brother DWP, and the other looked exactly like the pure 
ascii wheel in my xerox 1650-ro.  Both of those printers eventually did get 
a dremel modified wheel so I could tell the diff between those two 

I still have the xerox, although I don't know why since ribbons for it are 
extinct.  I did find a box of them about 5 years ago, but they were 
unusable, the film was so brittle it shattered on the first strike.

As you all know by now, anything I want to print from the coco now, gets 
sent up the usb cable from drivewire version of /p where drivewire.jar 
writes it to a file, and a script that watches that directory grabs it and 
sends it back through cups on this linux box and back down the same cable 
to the hub, thence to a Brother B&W laser.  Absolutely beautiful 600 dpi 
output at 22 pages a minute. Whats not to like for aging eyes?

Cheers, Gene
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