[Coco] Update for RGBDOS ROMs to correct an obscure disk I/O error

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Sun Sep 9 14:46:22 EDT 2012

Robert Gault wrote:
> I was notified by Louis Fernández and Bill Pierce that VCC does not recover from
> disk I/O errors when RGBDOS is used. I've found that this was caused by some
> missing code in the RGBDOS ROM.
> While the bug will not be seen for the most part unless trying to read unmounted
> disks, it is annoying and needs correction.
> I have a new version of RGBDOS for the JVC Coco3, MESS, and VCC emulators. In
> addition to correcting the bug, there is now support for two .vhd images mounted
> at the same time. This is possible in the JVC John Collyer Coco3 and recent
> versions of MESS.
> I hope to get the updates posted to my web page on Aaron Wolfe's site shortly.
> Robert

OK, updated versions of the RGBDOS ROMs for JVC, MESS, and VCC with a doc on 
installation can be found at

You will want to get the Updates.zip in 10).

Specifically for VCC, replace fd502.dll with the new one.

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