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The Commodore 1080 and 1084 are both made by Magnavox, but I forget the Maggie model number. The 1080 needs the sync circuit modified as described in a previous post, the 1084 will automatically adjust sync and work as is. I agree with Bill -- the 1084 is one of the most versatile classic RGB monitors, will work with a PC also IIRC. About the only one more versatile would be a Sony Multi-Sync, but they cost a lot more back then! The later Multi-Syncs wouldn't sync down to the level that the CoCo used though (standard CGA, but analog instead of digital). Yes, you can connect a standard CGA monitor (if you can find one!), but you won't get the range of colors with the digital RGB (CGA) monitor. Still, it's good for text based applications.

Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2012 20:39:38 -0400
From: Bill Loguidice<bill at armchairarcade.com>

Cloud-9 carries the cables. I got the one that works with the Commodore
1084 series monitors. It worked perfectly on the CM-5 (RGB) as well. To
work on the RGB connection of the 1084, I needed to add a male to male DB9
plug because the terminating end of the cable was female, which worked
directly with the CM-5's built-in cable, which has a male end (the 1084S
has a female port). It worked fine after that. Keep in mind, there are
several different models of the 1084 (I have three different ones myself).
Some have a round RGB connector, some have a square connector like the
CM-5. Two of my three 1084 monitors have the square connector. Anyway, I
have my CoCo 3 connected to the 1084S both over RGB and composite. The
former for when I want RGB colors and the latter when I want the color
blending (bleeding) that composite offers (similar to RF, but less
interference). I just press the button on the back of the 1084S to switch
between the two modes at any time. The 1084S really is one of the best
classic style monitors because it's so versatile...

Frank Swygert
Editor - American Motors Cars Magazine

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