[Coco] Recovering a damaged cassette file

Stephen H. Fischer SFischer1 at Mindspring.com
Thu Sep 6 23:41:29 EDT 2012


Try the attached, I remember using some utility to list tape contents. (CoCo 

If it does not work, tell me and I will look for another one.


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> WOW!
> Thank you all for the great effort and work!
> This accounts for the whole program, or, at least 99% of it.
> It's great to see it again after 20 years.
> The only catch is... It is not the one I believed it to be. I'm going to 
> go back to my tapes and try to find it.
> Again, thanks to you all for the work, and for all the tips.
> What a great little community has this little great computer.
> Diego
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