[Coco] How do you patch MESS to use PCs serial port?

Computer Doc computerdoc at sc.rr.com
Thu Jun 28 06:31:08 EDT 2012



I just got finished watching your YouTube video of Drivewire 4 in action and
I must say I was beyond being impressed.  You really have opened up the Coco
3 to the rest of the world!  I would like to know how you got MESS with a
COCO 3 running to communicate over a real RS232 port.  My version just goes
to a file and is very frustrating.  I can't communicate with anything.  I
want to connect up a real Coco 3 and/or Coco 2 up to a virtual Coco 3
running in Mess too.  I'm just amazed you got MESS to work like that.  I
recently got Borland C/C++ Compiler to work, and I've compiled a couple of
things off the internet, but I've never attempted recompiling MESS.  I'm
running Windows 7, 8MB RAM, Quad-core PC Laptop.  I'm running
mess0145u3b_x64.  I know C++ and some C in addition to 6809 assembler
language.  I've also used other languages, but I've never used any Intel
assembly language past MASM in one course in the late '80s when I was in the
Air Force.  I long to use MESS COCO 3 emulation like you do.  Any help is
much appreciated.  Thank you.




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