[Coco] "C" Source level Debugging, Was: OS9 display server added to DW4

Stephen H. Fischer SFischer1 at Mindspring.com
Wed Jun 27 17:23:49 EDT 2012


More praise for your great work.

What people may not realize, and not understand, and no one will do is.

This is the needed part of writing "C" programs for OS-9 using a PC that

ALLOWS a "C" Compiler with great source level debugging capabilities to be
able to used to develop OS-9 6x09 "C" programs.

The debugging capabilities in the Microware "C" compiler are almost
nonexistent, I could have done so much more if the great source level
debugging capabilities developed at the same time were made available.

I doubt that I could now find my primitive starting efforts using Borlan's
Turbo "C" or "C++", both now free.

But I remember some of what I did and at that time looked very good.

After seeing Borlan's Turbo "C" I have done very little without source level


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> Yet another video demonstrating yet another new feature..
> http://youtu.be/7C-QvdX2bNQ
> This time I've used the /N virtual channels as OS9 window devices.

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