[Coco] maltedmedia ftp request

Dennis Bathory-Kitsz dennis-ix at maltedmedia.com
Thu Jun 21 14:29:36 EDT 2012

At 02:03 PM 6/21/2012, you wrote:
>I ran it past a friend, who has no issues hosting the FTP site.
>Dennis, if you want to move the CoCo stuff off, let me know.
>I know I'm semi-guilty, although I did not snatch the ENTIRE thing 
>in one whallop.
>I did it over 2-3 days, which on a monthly cycle, is no different. 
>However, I didn't grab dupes, ie, I avoided the large Rainbows,
>and most of the others, as well, as they are available elsewhere.
>Do you manage your own DNS entries on the maltedmedia.com domain? 
>Mebbe I can set up the FTP and you can add a dns record or two.

I'm not interested in moving it. There's no emergency, just a request 
to lower bandwidth demand. The robots.txt file has already cut it to 
some degree. But then up pops an anonymous user at 
that copied everything yesterday... an address that ends up at 
"copyland.com.br". That's clearly  a site-sucker robot that ignored 
robots.txt. That's what I'm interested in avoiding. A greedy 
downloader might grab the username/password from Gmane, but a robot wouldn't.

As for moving it, you know I'm concerned about reliability of access 
and site stability. CoCo sites come and go, friends cease being 
interested in maintenance, hackers do their deeds, etc. And consider 
that the ftp site been there and easily growing since 2003 at the 
same time the list was set up (and I've had this server location 
since 1996). Nine years is a pretty good record for CoCo sites.

So as a longtime supporter of the CoCo (some of you recall that I 
wrote one of the first articles about it the month it arrived), I'd 
want to make sure the archive was in good, long-term, reliable hands.

Yes, I do manage my own DNS entries. Maltedmedia.com is my core 
domain, though, to which all other 38 domains are tied. One DNS 
slip-up and I'm way screwed. :)


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