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Stephen, I think what Luis is refering to is that on a Coco, when you hit reset, the color set changes randomly.. hence the games that have you to hit reset until the right colors appear. He is referring to the fact that VCC does not reset the colors. I too have noticed this when trying to play a couple of games that use this feature. No matter how many times you hit the reset key on VCC, the colors remain the same.

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If I understand your question correctly,
With a real CoCo connected to an analog NTSC TV, YES.
With a real CoCo connected to a RGB monitor like mine, NO.
VCC cannot drive an analog monitor, it's RGB only by design as it uses 
indows Directx.
The color Artifact is a fluke of NTSC design and the inexact analog 
rocessing by those very old TVs.
There have been some successes with RGB trying to produce the colors, but 
hey have been limited to specific programs AFAIK.
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 As I can change the color Artifact at VCC
 If I press reset clears or initializes the cartridge and does not work to 
 change color
 anyone know
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