[Coco] Manual/Disk finds in my storage boxes

Tony Mori tonym at compusource.net
Wed Jun 13 23:58:02 EDT 2012

Found the following... Haven't got time right this second to scan around
and see if they are already available. If anyone knows, let me know:

Oracle II manual, Micro Magic out of Sumner, WA
CoCo Graphics Designer Plus v1.05, Zebra Systems, Manual and Disk
Hyper I/O 2.0 manual, Burke & Burke
Hyper I/O 2.4 Hard Disk Installation Guide (05/07/88), Burke & Burke
Hyper I/O 2.6 Release Notes, (10/16/88), Burke & Burke
Hyper I/O 2.6a Diskette, Burke & Burke
FHL O-Pak for the 64K TRS-80 CoCo w/OS-9 Manual, Frank Hogg Laboratory

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