[Coco] I am looking for CoCo-Stat disk

Stephen H. Fischer SFischer1 at Mindspring.com
Sun Jun 10 19:19:47 EDT 2012


RTSI RSDOS "incoming" was the place a lot of stuff was dumped. That has 
apparently been stopped ~ 2009.

maltedmedia became the dumping ground then and the jumble of stuff there is 
too much for one - two persons to handle.

The person who says he is organizing it is doing other great work and I hope 
he does not spend much time doing maltedmedia.

I suggest that you send a PM to Dean Leiber, his CoCo-OS-9 Archive might be 
a good place. But he has fallen behind moving the archive to another site.

The bottom line is, wait for the next person to announce his brand new CoCo 
site with gobs of stuff to be added. That should take just a few minutes of 

Now if the web masters of all these sites would put their energy into 
organizing just one site with good descriptions like we had back in Delphi 
and CIS days we would be oh so much better off. I have suggested this many 
times with no effect. This will get the same.

That will not happen, put up your own web site, or throw the floppies into 
the trash. Each will be just as useful.

As to the SY6591, J&M purchased all of the remaining ones when Synertek was 
shut down. I have a defective one somewhere that might be useful. But I 
remember someone saying that there was another chip that could be used.

I found one site with 6,500 "SY6591", but you have to buy all of them.


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> What are we using as a repository for disk images? I don't see many on 
> maltedmedia, except in the "newly received" folders.
> We need to start organizing stuff, as FDDs and diskettes are probably 
> going bad - I know I'm going to make a pass through my floppies starting 
> within the next few weeks.
> I also still have to go through the floppies Art Flexser gave me - are we 
> still hunting for ADOS3/ExtADOS3 source code?
> Speaking of which, can anyone fix a J&M JFD-COCO3 FDC for me? When 
> inserted into my CoCo3, the CoCo just gives a black screen on power-on.
> This FDC has a switch for 2 ROMs, and has a 24-pin and 28-pin socket. 
> However, on the silkscreening, it says "JFD-COCO3" not "JFD-COCO" as I 
> have one of those, also.
> Wonder if it's even worth it, as I know these use the unobtainium-based 
> Synertek SY6591 FDC chips....
> Tony
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> Be sure to copy that disk to a computer via drivewire and put it on the
> coco ftp site! Don't want to lose it.
> The Other Frank
> On Sun, Jun 10, 2012 at 02:57:37PM -0500, Brian G wrote:
>> On 6/9/2012 11:24 PM, Brian G wrote:
>> >I have not been able to find my copy of this disk that came with
>> >the book.
>> >If you have a copy of the disk would you contact me. I would like
>> >to have a copy of it.
>> >
>> >The disk CoCo-Stat, had the programs a data files used in the book.
>> >
>> >A book called The Rainbow Introductory Guide to Statistics had a
>> >disk included with it.
>> >written by Michael Plog, Ph.D.
>> >and Norman K. Stenzel, Ph.D
>> >
>> >Thank You
>> >
>> When I was mot looking for something else, I found the program disk
>> that I was looking for.
>> I won't need a copy now.
>> Thanks
>> -- 
>> Brian Goers
>> Vice President of Special Events

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