[Coco] ethernet for your coco (sort of)

Steve Batson steve at batsonphotography.com
Wed Jun 6 14:04:39 EDT 2012

Very cool...how well do they work?


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On Wed, Jun 6, 2012 at 10:33 AM, Robert Hermanek
> I don't know if everyone is familiar with these, but Lantronix has been 
making them forever, and so eBay is pretty full of them for cheap.  Not 
that this is the best listing, but it has a link to the pdf/etc...
> These little "device servers" are designed to plug onto any serial 
device.  The lantronix device gets an IP address and gets on your LAN.  
Serial communications to your "device" can then be accessed via tcp/ip, so 
telnet, winsock, whatever...
> So plug your rs-232 pack into your coco, then screw one of these onto 
your rs-232 pak, then plug your ethernet cable into this gizmo, and hit 
your coco's IP address!  (After a little config I'm sure, guessing there is 
a web admin console built into the little lantronix thing.)
> -RobertH
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You can also look for "terminal servers", often these will have 8, 16
or more serial ports that are bridged to IP. Can be found in the $20
range sometimes. These work fine for DriveWire and I'd image anything
else serial on the CoCo.

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