[Coco] An MC68HC11A1P Based Computer Idea

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I may very well be wrong as I am working from memory right now and memory only. I may 
have an old product catalog or even a preliminary announcement that may or may not have 
come to fruition. I do seem to remember when I worked down in the Planatation FL facility 
that I saw some literature, where preliminary or what, that stated MC6811 and not 
MC68HC11. I worked there from 1978 to 1983. Could that have been a mistake or not on my 
part or Motorola's part I am not sure. That was 30years ago.  

I may have some literature packed in a box somewhere from all the moves I made over the 
last couple of decades. Google searches are not totally complete. All you can find with old 
literature is if someone has taken the time to scan them into PDF format or other format for 
the web. Literature from the late 70's and early 80's not fully complete. 

If in one day I find such a beast or something I will let you know. I may have something 
packed in a box or on some old computer tapes in archive that I may or may not be able to 
dig out if they have not been thrown away. 



On 20 Jul 2012 at 10:52, john dumas wrote:

> On 7/20/2012 7:38 AM, jdaggett at gate.net wrote:
> > John
> >
> > I am relying of memory here and stuffed away in a box in a deep dark closet i used to have
> > several catalogs from teh early 1980's. I seemed to remember that originally there was
> > marketed and labled a series of parts call MC6811 with no HC in the part number. It may
> > have been CMOS. Lacking at the first the typical "HC" in the part number led to believe that it
> > was based off of the standard used NMOS technology of the time. The very first CMOS
> > production micro that I remember Motorola having available was the old MC146805E
> > processor. That was around by 1981. It could only access 2K of memory due to the 12 bit
> > address bus.
> >
> > You may very well be correct. Though the literature of the time listed a 6811 and not a
> Do you have a copy of that datasheet?
> The datasheet search engines on the web find no 6811.....
> > 68HC11. This at least suggests two different parts and possibly two different technologies.
> > Back in the 80's I always saw Motorola usually prefixed the part number either with "14" or
> > added HC after the "68" with alltheir CMOS computer chips and peripherals as I remember.
> Actually, the 14 prefix was for CMOS and the HC infix was for HCMOS - 
> different processes.
> > That may very well have been an oversight of the marketing department and had little to do
> > with engineering.
> >
> > james
> >
> Google is your friend and the term "6811" comes up with TONS of hits for 
> 6811 & 6812.
> But after following dozens of them, I found that they fit in 3 catagories:
> 1) Nothing to do with micros
> 2) No useful info - no datasheet, description, etc
> 3) Improper nomenclature for the HC11 and HC12.
> Like this:
> [http://ee.hawaii.edu/~tep/EE491E/Notes/MC6812/ports.html]
> [http://etd.lib.metu.edu.tr/upload/12606764/index.pdf]
> [http://www-ee.eng.hawaii.edu/cgi-local/mklec.cgi?12+3+EE491E/S07]
> As far as a datasheet from MOT saying 6811, I sure never saw one and
> neither google nor the datasheet engines were able to come up with one
> when I searched. Of course, knowing the way that, at least, one or two
> "marketers" functioned, I can believe almost ANYTHING from them!!!
> During that time, Jim (Mr. HC11) was part of our daily  lunch group and
> I think that he would have mentioned an NMOS version if one existed.
> At least once, anyway........and Jim was not shy(rightly so) when
> talking about His Baby!
> I truly believe that folks who use the 6811 moniker are just making
> a shortcut for the HC11. And we *KNOW* there never was any
> possibility of an NMOS 6812 - NMOS was ancient history (for new
> designs) by the time the '12 was designed............
> cheers,
> johnd
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