[Coco] Help on Breaking the 64KB Barrier on the Coco 2

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Wed Jul 18 21:56:12 EDT 2012

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Hello  All,

Is there a memory expansion upgrade available for the 64KB  Coco 2?  I'd 
to go beyond the 64KB barrier. I'd want it to be  compatible with NitrOS-9
Level II.  I read somewhere on the internet  that a different memory
management scheme had been created for the COCO 1  & 2 that had a driver
written for OS-9 that used some type of bank  switching scheme.   Any


Hello all,
     I have just finished working on an expansion  upgrade for my  coco 1
which I designed and built in 1985 to be used as a ram drive.    It opens up
a page sized window (256 bytes)  anywhere in memory dynamically.
I haven't written any OS9 software for it but I plan to.   If  anybody is 
I will try to take some pictures and post some schematics for it.
If interest is great enough I may consider making and selling the

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