[Coco] NitrOS9 boot disk

Gene Heskett gheskett at wdtv.com
Tue Jul 17 17:28:30 EDT 2012

On Tuesday 17 July 2012 17:09:24 Bill did opine:

> Well, I downloaded them and installed them on my Mac, and neither one of
> them will boot. My mistake
Installing them on your Mac, yes.  You first use them to install a build 
environment on your coco, they are real coco/os9 disk images.

There are lots of ways to get them to the coco, most popular being some 
program which can write an os9, 256 byte sector image directly to a floppy, 
which when placed in the coco's drive, can then boot the coco.

I haven't had a motherboard in years that supports an fdc capable of 
handling 256 byte per sector disks, so I have had to get creative.

How much os9 do you now have on your coco?

Does that include an rs-232 serial pack, and a multipack?

What do you have that can be used as a transfer medium?

Do you have HDB-DOS 1.1a or later?

Do you have Drivewire and the cable it needs?

Somewhere in those answers might be the seeds of how to get it done the 
first time.  After that, drivewire makes it a piece of cake.

Cheers, Gene
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