[Coco] NitrOS9 boot disk

Bill cwgordon at carolina.rr.com
Tue Jul 17 16:20:52 EDT 2012

Well, I downloaded them and installed them on my Mac, and neither one of
them will boot. My mistake

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The 40d is for 40 track disk... not 40 column screen
I don't think there's any distros with a 40 column screen. Just get your
current boot to look like you want, then format a disk in /d0, type "cobbler
/d0", copy your cmds & sys to the disk and you got it.

good luck

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Wouldn't nos96809l2v030209coco3_40d_1.dsk and
os96809l2v030209coco3_40d_2.dsk be what I want? 
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Unless you really like the challenge, there is no need to reinvent the
se the script, mb.floppy, on the appropriate 80d disk from
n the directory NITROS9/6X09L2/SCRIPTS.
ou have not indicated whether you want a 6809 or 6309 image which is why
s an X above.
Change the entry that contains rel_80 to rel_40 and run the script. That
uild the disk you want.

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