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The cord, the monitor is probably just sitting on it. Both come out the back.

As to Roy's box, already on the list: I think he had pity on me, so hurried a bit with mine :)

I bought all this neat, cool stuff from Mark: SuperIDE, Sardis FDC, repaired J&M FDC, and the CM-8 went out.
NitrOS-9 in 80 columns is not really legible out of the video-out connector, so I'm basically stuck.

Well, until I get Roy's VGA converter - then I should be good to go again except...

Anyone got an MPI for sale for NOT a King's Ransom? Mine is on it's last legs, and I'll need one to 
test the floppies I got from Art so I can make .DSKs out of them.


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> Haven't had luck finding someone who will look at it.
> The guy I used to use closed up, and moved to Texas.
> Maybe a description might ring someone's bell as to what it is?
> I can see the screen, but it's trapezoidal - narrower on top, about 2" of black border on both sides on bottom, about 3" on both sides up top.
> Screen is legible, just wierdly shaped, and packed to the middle. Kinda reminds you of the old 80's driving video games, trying to do a perspective view of
> a road going into the distance.
> Roy is backed up with the VGA converters, and I can't get anyone to fix it, and the 80col screens aren't really legible, especially as my eyes aren't as good
> as they were 25Y ago :) So, I got this nice, shiny, new SuperIDE and a Sardis FDC and a repaired J&M FDC... and I can't use it.
> Ideas on what the issue might be?
> I have a referral, but they guy says he doesn't do monitors, because it's impossible to get parts.
> However, cracking this thing open last night, it's mostly discrete components, not a bunch of proprietary parts.
> Wonder if I shouldn't just swing by with it to see if he'll take a crack at it if it's not proprietary stuff?


Can't really help you on the issue, but I was curious about the cord 
coming out of the -front- (bottom left corner) on the picture you posted...?

...and I must be getting old: I could've sworn my CoCo 3 always read 
"SUPER EXTENDED COLOR BASIC 2.0" without the floppy drive connected (but 
I don't mine set up right now to check); I just re-ran VCC and ejected 
the MPI, and it comes up "EXTENDED COLOR BASIC 2.0", so that must be 
right unless I'm going crazy, senile, or both...hmm.

I've heard/read here (you might check this list's archives) that there 
did (at one time?) exist boards meant mainly for MAME emulation to 
convert certain signals to VGA (which you want) and/or composite (which 
you don't want); supposedly some were able to work with the CoCo 3's 
output (???). I looked on Ebay ("mame converter") and found some, but I 
don't know which, if any, would be possibly work. It might be something 
to look into, at least.

I'd still put in for Roy's converter; I have one from one of the initial 
runs, and I liked it's output - well worth waiting for.

Andrew L. Ayers
Glendale, Arizona

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