[Coco] rant about ADB was Re: Odd cable

Willard Goosey goosey at virgo.sdc.org
Wed Feb 29 04:40:13 EST 2012

On Tue, Feb 28, 2012 at 08:17:51PM -0800, Wayne Campbell wrote:
> The ADB on my Quadra was quite stable. I never had issues with it. 

It's kinda touchy on my Performa.  Of course that whole machine is
kinda touchy, when I get around to it it'll be recieving it's third
hard drive...

>I never knew anything about TandyLink.

One of the more obscure dead networks.  It used the same Zilog UART as
localtalk.  Deskmate 3 Workgroup Companion supports it on the PC. :-)
IIRC Tandy also sold it for the Model 4.

> Basic09 is the language of the future ;)

I'd like that future a lot better than this one.  

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