[Coco] Get Al to the Fest!

Christopher Hawks chawks at dls.net
Mon Feb 20 20:10:09 EST 2012

John Orwen said the following on 02/20/2012 02:04 PM:
> Sometimes I don't think things out thoroughly before making suggestions.
> At times I don't take the time to think what is fair to one group vs another group
> but only what benefits me.
> I can't help but think I am not the only person in the Universe that would like
> to be
> at the event to take part in it and enjoy it but are just not able to.
> The intent of my suggestion was to increase the audience within the community
> for the event. It was not in any way meant to detract from it.
> I didn't realize that it required special equipment that members of the Glenside
> Color Computer Club do not have. I just assumed that with today's technology
> all that would be required would be an iphone or ipad2 with WiFi and a PC with
> Streamer software installed on it and hard wired to Inet located
> Somewhere/Anywhere.
> In recent times I think in the most simplest of ideas.
> I apologize for that.
> As another suggestion, someone who is able to attend that is not involved in
> sales or
> demonstrations may be willing to use a digital camera and take detailed
> coverage of
> events, discussions and demonstrations and package it up as a downloadable DVD .
> Something more comprehensive than the short videos on Utube. Possibly it could be
> made available to download shortly after the event has concluded. Since it
> would required time and effort on someone's part possibly a Paypal link could
> be attached
> to the download to compensate for it. I would be willing to pay $15-$30 for
> one. Possibly
> others who cannot attend would to. Is there any interest in this suggestion ?

	Now THERE'S a reason to 'Get Al to the Fest' !!!

Christopher R. Hawks
"When in doubt, use brute force."
	-- Ken Thompson, Bell Labs

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