[Coco] Coco 1/2 RF faint?

Mike Rowen mike at bcmr3.net
Mon Feb 13 21:14:13 EST 2012

I'm sure others will reply to you on this. I find that the RF quality
varies from CoCo 2 to CoCo2. My CoCo 1 provides the best RF signal of those
I've connected to a TV. RF signal is of course subject to more noise and
signal loss than connecting via a composite signal. Long ago, I had a
composite board for a CoCo 2 which provided a far superior signal using a
TV. It also varies from TV to TV. The CoCo 3 composite signal is much
cleaner than the CoCo 2 RF signal. In short, a lot more happens to an RF
signal than a composite signal, so in the process of RF modualion and
demodulation, colors can appear washed out, particularly black on a color
background. That said, John's new game looks awesome on a good TV. I played
it on a CoCo 2 on a 25" TV. :) To improve signal quality, use a good
shielded video cable and ditch any switch boxes. Use an RCA to F-59 adapter
on your TV (provided it's a 75 ohm input vs 300 ohm).


On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 8:41 PM, Jeremy Michea <jmichea at bell.net> wrote:

> When you turn on your coco you get the green screen with the black
> letters, no matter which coco you’re using. I notice on my RF units (Coco
> 1’s and 2’s) that the black lettering is fainter and harder to read than
> when using a coco 3 hooked up to composite where the lettering is dark and
> sharp. I was wondering if this is just an issue of the inferior RF  signal
> versus the composite or is something else amiss here?
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