[Coco] noswiz doesn't work for me...

Christopher Hawks chawks at dls.net
Mon Feb 13 19:21:00 EST 2012

Brett Gordon said the following on 02/13/2012 06:03 PM:
> Yeah,  I *highly* suggest making backup copies of things... including
> the flash banks.  I just happened to use CoCoBoot to back up my entire
> CF IDE and Flash Banks, but never had an issues with CCB screwing
> anything up (yet).   I suggest you read the os9l2.txt file included in
> the zip, AND the HELP file included in the binary releases of
> CoCoBoot.

	I did read the os9l2.txt. THAT'S WHERE THE QUOTE IS FROM. And I didn't realize 
that I also had to download the binary release to get any kind of information 
about boot.dsk and the Nitros9 setup wizard.

> If anyone wants to go "hard-core" with cocoboot the binary releases
> contain "beginners.txt" a 3/4 written intro to Forth, and
> "hacking.txt" an intensive look at the internals of CoCoBoot.
> Not to worry, CoCoBoot will only try to write to your Flash ROM, if
> you ask it!  (avoid choosing a boot target of "ROM" when asked....)
> I also suggest that people use DriveWire to load up the latest live
> images of Nitros9 and load them with CoCoboot for two reasons:
> a. You can't hurt a url image (and neither can CCB)
> b. The url images already contain the "ccbkrn" module needed for the
> new boot process.
> Sincerely,
> Brett  Gordon
> On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 5:12 PM, Christopher Hawks<chawks at dls.net>  wrote:
>> Brett Gordon said the following on 02/13/2012 09:45 AM:
>>> Christopher,
>>> I see xroar only emulates CoCo1/2.  CoCoBoot works with CoCo 1/2, but
>>> the new os9 boot system, and hence the wizard, is only for CoCo3 and
>>> Nitros9 Level 3 booting.  I'll see if I can get the IDE drive not to
>>> be confused, and I'll be working on a Level 1 booter soon.....
>>> Brett Gordon
>> Brett:
>>         I was curious and wanted to see what the wizard was up to before I
>> ran it on my real system. I don't blindly run anything on any of my systems.
>> (and "This wizard will, however, graciously reprogram your SuperIDE flash to
>> install itself, if you own one!!!!" didn't tell me much.)
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