[Coco] How to get into CoCo 6809 assembly?

Blake Patterson blakespot at gmail.com
Sun Feb 5 13:21:25 EST 2012

So I've now got both a DriveWire and a FD-500 floppy disk system (though one of the drives is apparently not connected inside the enclosure - need to figure that out). I'd like to fiddle around with 6809 assembly on the CoCo 3. 

Can someone point me to an assembler package I'd need? I'd like to fiddle around with CoCo 3 screenmodes, etc -- so I want to write a few "CoCo 3" vs. prior programs.

Also, what's a good general 6809 reference and reference for the internals info I'd need to access the CoCo 3 itself?

Thanks much, in advance!


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