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Sat Feb 4 12:06:11 EST 2012

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>Regarding the new product:

>1) First off,  that sounds like a great portable solution ;)

>2) Do you have any  pictures of the setup? How would it be shipped?

>3) Would it fit any  "standard" CoCo system?

>I'm kinda interested; I'd love a more  permanent home for my real CoCo 
>system (right now, unfortunately, it's  packed away - my CM-8 sits lonely 
>in my shop - well, not too lonely -  the 1084S keeps it company).

Well I was thinking of putting each rack system I sell together  myself
first to make sure it would come out ok then number the pieces and
take it apart again and bundle all the pieces together into one  compact
box or crate and ship it like that.
And it would fit any coco system.   In fact I intend to construct  another
for my coco3 and call it "system gamma"    :)
I will take some pictures when I get back home.....

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