[Coco] NOS-9 and Basic09/RunB woes

Wayne Campbell asa.rand at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 13:49:33 EST 2012

I found the problem! The system, by default the way the distribution comes, 
loads a file called utilpak1. This file contains many memory modules. I 
commented the load statement in the startup file and restarted. I typed 
decode [ENTER] and got the correct response: No file specified.

Apparently the utilpak1 file is filling up the system page with too many 
modules. I will be leaving that load statement commented in the future.


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> Wayne Campbell wrote:
>> When I had my CoCo3 and OS-9 L2, I could write a procedure that would 
>> check for a no parameter error and have my program list the built-in help 
>> in response. I have tried with both the 6809 and 6309 versions of NOS-9 
>> L2, and both systems hang when I try to run a Basic09 I-Code program from 
>> the command line with no parameters when it is expecting a parameter.
>> Also, in the stock OS-9, I could use ctrl-w to pause a listing in 
>> Basic09, but neither NOS-9 versions allow it. ctrl-w is ignored until the 
>> listing is completed.
>> I don't know if these issues are with the OS or with the NOS versions of 
>> RinB and Basic09. Has anyone else had experience with this, and is there 
>> any possibility that someone who knows assembly could/would be willing to 
>> look at the system's source and see if they can tell what's going on?
>> Wayne
> The documentation for NitrOS-9 that came with the Northern Exposure 
> package states:
> "Basic09 and RunB
> -----------------
> Without patching, the BREAK and Shift-BREAK keys become inoperative. These 
> patches modify the register stack offsets in Basic09 and RunB."
> Patched versions of Basic09 and RunB were supplied. The current versions 
> supplied with the Sourceforge NitrOS-9 work correctly with BREAK. They 
> also work correctly with the PARAM statement.
> You may need to post some code to get good answers.
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