[Coco] Thoughts on modern computers (sort of off topic)

Louis Ciotti lciotti1 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 08:23:03 EST 2012

Very good points.   But my point is linux is still not for a total newbie,
heck even widows can be daunting for someone totally green.  I am talking
about someone who has never used a computer, I know probably impossible to
find in a modern society, you know almost like when I was a kid and being
first exposed.  With the CoCo after connecting it up a totally green used
could sit down with the book and be making programs in short order.  I just
do not see that happening with any modern incarnation of a computer.

On Wed, Feb 1, 2012 at 6:13 AM, Frank Swygert <farna at amc-mag.com> wrote:

> There can still be issues on occasion, especially with specific hardware.
> I bought a Turtle Beach sound card because it had digital output and was
> supposed to work with Linux, then had some issues getting it to work
> because the most recent versions of Ubuntu based Linux distributions had
> switched from ALSA to Pulse Audio sound. The TB card worked only with ALSA.
> Once I figured that out it took a little research to figure out how to
> change the sound, but that's really the only "big" problem I've had. A
> newer sound card would fix the problem as well. I stuck Mint 12 on my main
> desktop and it has so far found everything.. .even my HP scanner. I'll be
> plugging a USB to parallel printer adapter in soon, wonder how it's going
> to like that?!! I watched Linux for a while, wanting to change. Tried a
> distro or two but passed until about two years ago. Then I found Mint. I
> tried the live CD and it found everything and seemed to work fine. The acid
> test for me was to put it on my wife's computer. She didn't do much more
> than e-mail and some internet games (like Farmville), but if SHE could
> easily use it I'd say it was pretty much ready for mainstream use. Had a
> hard time getting her printer working (new model Canon all-in-one, hard to
> find a Linux driver but with a little searching did... HP and more common
> brands work easier), but other than that she had no problems. I set up my
> HTPC computer with it a year ago, and as I stated, recently switched over
> my main computer to Linux. I installed XP on both (dual boot on the HTPC
> for some games, in Virtual Box on my main one just in case I need an app
> that doesn't run on Linux or there isn'[t an equivalent). I've only used it
> on the HTPC a couple times for games, not on my main one yet.
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