[Coco] Novel Commercial Uses of the Coco

Bruce W. Calkins brucewcalkins at charter.net
Fri Sep 30 19:28:04 EDT 2011

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From: "Steve Ostrom"

> Today I received a box containing a Coco3 relabeled as a Thermopatch Label 
> Writer 401.

> This unit is really cool to an all-things-Coco collector like me, but I 
> was wondering how many different non-Coco commercial uses were made of the 
> Coco? Have there been quite a few others?

> -Steve-


I have a CoCo 3 that appears to be the controller for some sort of exercise 
unit.  It has a simplified keyboard, modified ROM and built-in sound.  I 
have not been able to get it booted up though.

Bruce W.

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