[Coco] Midwest VCF

Steven Hirsch snhirsch at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 07:55:17 EDT 2011

On Tue, 27 Sep 2011, Frank Pittel wrote:

> BTW - I met a person involved with a group working on an interesting 
> project of home made 8bit computers using "stackable" boards that 
> appeared to be interchangable. The cpu, memory, etc was on one board and 
> things like I/O were on other boards. The person I spoke with was 
> working primarily on the board with the 6809 and mentioned that his long 
> term goal was to get OS9 working on it. I of course could mention that 
> there is currently an open source version of OS9 called Nitros9 and gave 
> him your name as a possible contact. Don't know how interested you are 
> in helping and of course I didn't promise any help. :-) The name of the 
> group is something like n8vem home brew computers.

The N8VEM group is a wonderful effort.  They have a family of high-quality 
designs for S-100 bus systems and have branched into a number of 
interesting side-projects such as the one you describe.

Andrew, their head-honcho, makes Gerber files for the boards available and 
offers the bare boards for sale.



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