[Coco] Selling my COCO gear

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Mon Sep 26 07:57:07 EDT 2011

Sorry you didn't get into them.


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Hello all:

I am selling my COCO gear.  It consists of a COCO 2 and drives, some various
cartridges (RS-232, floppy controller) and a COCO3 mainboard and keyboard.

Here are the caveats, I am willing to accept an offer on all of my equipment
as a whole.  I do not have anything beyond my general system (eg:  no real
software or multipak, etc).  The COCO 2 system is definitely yellowed, but
works fine.

I do not have a PayPal account and I am leery of shipping these items, so if
you are interested,we would need to talk off-list on how we might get the
stuff to you, but generally, the items are located in Olathe, Kansas about
20 miles south of Kansas City.

Let me know if you want this gear.  Definitely contact me off-list for


J. Mike Needham <KDØJXP>
Olathe, Kansas USA

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