[Coco] OT:Old computer magazine archives

Andrew keeper63 at cox.net
Thu Sep 15 11:25:34 EDT 2011


I'm glad you posted this, even if it has been posted in the past - 
because I must've missed it!

By you posting it, you just let me get something I've been looking for 
for a long time: K-Power Magazine Issue #1

Sure - I'd love the print version (I have all the others from when I was 
a kid - with the exception of the "special issues"; I'm not sure why I 
don't have those, but I'll download 'em too!) - but a digital version 
will work for me too.

It was one of the first computer magazines "I" (my parents) subscribed 
to (via a Scholastic flyer from my elementary school), right after the 
Rainbow. My old issues are well worn, but still loved. I just never got 
the first issue.

The first issue, of course, has the Whiz Kids cover; another 80's geek 
series I'm a fan of (I have a set of DVDs I bought from a guy on Ebay 
who ripped them from old VHS tapes - very bad quality, but I know of no 
other way to get them; it was a very short-lived series, never went to 
tape, and is certainly not available on DVD).

I'm also looking over the catalog of Compute! magazine on Archive.org; 
lots there to browse, too! Wow - so much to see...

Thank you again!

-- Andrew L. Ayers, Glendale, Arizona

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> Well, there may be some relevance to the coco after all.
> These magazines do contain basic program listings, although not specifically
> for the coco.
> These may have been posted before- my apologies if so.

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