[Coco] VCC Emulator - Switching Working Directories

Frank Swygert farna at att.net
Mon Sep 5 10:50:30 EDT 2011

Then try Oracle's Virtual Box on Windows 7 and run DOS in it. Then you can run Kiel's emulator. VB is a free download and works well. It's not hard to use at all. I use it on my Linux (Mint 10) HTPC to watch Netflix on demand movies.

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  The VCC is an excellent emulator.  I only hope that better emulation of
the "quirky" FDC is in the works.  Many of the "copy-protected" .dsk
images either won't load or they won't function after loading.  David
Kiel's emulator could handle anything i threw at it.  But unfortunately,
his emulator doesn't work under windows 7.

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