[Coco] How can you make permanent directory changes in OS-9 ml programs?

Boisy G. Pitre boisy at tee-boy.com
Sun Sep 4 15:59:08 EDT 2011


I'm not sure why GPrDsc would be failing.  What is the error code that it returns?

The F$Move may be more problematic, however.  It is a privileged system call and cannot be made from a user state process.

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On Sep 4, 2011, at 2:32 PM, Robert Gault wrote:

> Boisy G. Pitre wrote:
> ><snip>
> > Such an extraordinary measure would be to (a) change the directory in the process using I$ChgDir, (b) find the process descriptor of that process in system RAM, (c) copy the P$DIO bytes in the process descriptor, (c) locate the parent's process descriptor, then (d) write the P$DIO bytes copied earlier into the parent's process descriptor at its P$DIO location.
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> Boisy G. Pitre
> Right, Boisy or anyone else, I think I've implemented the above but keep getting errors. Will the following work and if not why?
> Code snippets
> DskName	rmb	40
> Myproc	rmb	512
> Prproc	rmb	512
> 	rmb	255
> size	equ	.
> ...				directories changed here
> 	OS9	F$ID		get my ID
> 	leax	Myproc,u	get copy of my process descriptor
> 	OS9	F$GPrDsc
> 	lda	Myproc+P$PID,u	get my parent's ID
> 	leax	Prproc,u	get copy of parent's proc descriptor
> 	OS9	F$GPrDsc
> 	lda	Prproc+P$ID,u	get pointer to parent's proc desc in
> 	OS9	F$GProcP	system task space
> 	pshs	y		save pointer
> 	lda	Myproc+P$Task,u	get my task number
> 	ldb	Prproc+P$Task,u	get parent's task number
> 	leax	Myproc+P$DIO,u	point to my P$DIO
> 	ldy	#16		bytes to move
> 	puls	u		recover pointer to parent
> 	OS9	F$Move		move my P$DIO to parent's P$DIO
> The main error seems to be the OS9 F$GProcP system call. If I insert an error trap of
> lp	bcs	lp
> immediately after the F$GProcP call, the program stalls out. Here is the description of this system call from NitrOS-9.
> **************************************************
> * System Call: F$GProcP
> *
> * Function: Get process pointer
> *
> * Input:  A = Process ID
> *
> * Output: Y = Pointer to process descriptor
> *
> * Error:  CC = C bit set; B = error code
> *
> Any ideas on the above and how to correct it? Assuming I got the pointer without an error, would F$Move send the data correctly?
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