[Coco] Coco DSK Struct

Luis Fernández luis46coco at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 4 11:33:05 EDT 2011

Hello everyone
I have a question about the logical structure the directory of coconut DECB
CocoDskUtil useful for me. (and read NITRO/OS9, next release)

Directory entries are stored supposedly from sector 3 to 11 of track 17, giving a total of 72 entries, there are only 68 granules giving a maximum total active files of 68 (one granule per file), but there can always be deleted entries (inactive, no consumption of granules) by completing the 72 entries, part of the problem is that if a byte is 255 means the end of the directory, but not if all entries are full, there is 255 byte, I stop at the entrance 72 or (continue to the entrance 128 or find abyte = 255).

The question I ask myself and the comment you is that prevents found 128 entries (Sector 3 to 18) = 16 sectors * 8 entries X sector?.

Actually, this limited DECB or could create a disc with 64 real and 64 deleted files, or something?

Another thing, I have a software that allowed copying the fat sector 2 to sector 1, for safety, only to remember, lol 		 	   		  

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