[Coco] OT: Battery chargers

Tony Schountz schountz at south81.org
Sat Oct 15 16:30:53 EDT 2011

Thanks much for the replies Gene and JP. Here's the charger:


I have 9V connector with wires from the charger to the battery pack. Here are the cells that are in the pack:


There are 8 in the pack, which looks like this:




On Oct 15, 2011, at 12:36 PM, gene heskett wrote:
> More than likely is is Tony, NiMH batteries have a higher self discharge 
> rate than NiCads.  Couple that with the miss-match between the charger and 
> the cells, it could be that they are not being fully charged.  Most Nicad 
> chargers use a temp switch in the batteries (the third connection to the 
> charger) which turns the charger off when the batteries start to heat from 
> overcharge.  No clue how your PowerEx works.  Web page links?
> I personally would have put some lithium cells in it, but the charger MUST 
> be one designed for that chemistry else they will be ruined or possibly 
> even explode.
> NiCads are a PIMA, but their relatively low self-discharge compared to some 
> of the other, higher energy density batteries can be a useful feature.

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