[Coco] Arduino question

Joel Ewy jcewy at swbell.net
Sun Oct 2 22:27:28 EDT 2011

Gene, the Arduino is AVR, as others have mentioned.  Someone on this 
list mentioned the Raspberry Pi board as a possible Drivewire server.  
It is a small ARM-based computer that is intended to sell for $25 @128M, 
$35 @256M (RAM) and is supposed to be available by the end of the year.  
Maybe that' the ARM device you were thinking of.  It can already boot 
Debian and other Linux distros, and I believe they're working on 
customized versions that play nice with its relatively modest specs.  
I'll definitely be getting one or two when they become available.

As for using them as a Drivewire server (which would be absolutely 
fantastic, and unbeatable when you look at the intersection of price, 
size, and power consumption (about 1W)) I think the only hitch is that 
the Open Source Java runtime environments available for ARM might not 
quite be suitable for the DW4 server.  I seem to have vague memories of 
being unable to get DW4 running under (x86) Ubuntu until I installed 
that bad old proprietary JRE -- though I may be confusing that with 
something else....  But maybe Aaron could help find a way to make it work.


On 10/02/2011 02:10 PM, gene heskett wrote:
> On Sunday, October 02, 2011 03:05:23 PM jdagget at gate.net did opine:
>> Gene
>> in addition to makerbot there is Sparkfun which has a lot of Arduino
>> stuff. The standard Arduino boards are somewhat I/o limited as the
>> boards are basically 2.7 inch by 2.7 inch. The Mega format boards do
>> offer more I/O.
>> The Arduino main boards are Atmel AVR based. So most likely the TCP/IP
>> stack is written around that. There is also a variant that is called
>> Esduino which is based on a Freescale HC12 processor. The MC9S12NE64
>> could be used instead of the MC9S12C32 chip with a board layout change.
>> There is also a TCP/IP software for that chip.
>> james
> Thanks James.  Am I getting the wrong impression that the faster varieties
> of the arduino were ARM based?  Some of those (ARM stuff) are being offered
> at 400mhz clock rates.  Being on the lkml list, I see an awful lot of
> patches to make ARM builds work like the x86 stuff does.
> Cheers, Gene

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