[Coco] Super IDE vs. Drive Pak

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I have used several different adapters on the S-IDE  since '04. They do work, all of them. MS, MSpro, SD, SDHC, MMC, etc.

Never thought of wrapping the logic with the hardware solution.... :) 

Another approach would be to used a AVR to do the parallel to SPI, simple and cheap.

Even easier, if you know the .v or .vhdl is to do as you did.

Interesting and great idea.



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On 17/11/2011 1:58 PM, John Kent wrote:

> 2003/2004 was about the time I was using CF cards with my FPGA 6809 system.
> The IDE interface is much easier to understand than SD & SDHC.

Has anyone looked to see if there are IDE/CF<->SD adapters available?

I'm using an SD card in my "Coco with S-IDE". I use quotes, because it's all 
in an FPGA, running stock HDB-DOS. I've wrapped a proprietary IDE<->SD 
converter layer around the standard Opencores IDE controller core, so the 
'S-IDE' thinks it's talking to a CF.

Unfortunately, atm, the IDE<->SD converter is read-only; that is, it only 
supports reading the SD card. But there's not a lot to it, and I'm wondering 
if you could do a small board with a CPLD in it that does the same for a 
real CF<->CF adapter?

Then again, not really sure why people are so hell-bent on SD vs CF?!? For 
all practical purposes, isn't the only difference that you're sticking one 
in the CF slot of your mutli-card reader, and the other in the SD/MMC slot?

Having said that, USB would be nice. But now you're looking at a USB 
host-enabled micro, emulating an IDE device (which is very doable BTW).


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