[Coco] p-system was Re: LIF util for OS-9?

Willard Goosey goosey at virgo.sdc.org
Fri Nov 4 16:30:41 EDT 2011

On Thu, Nov 03, 2011 at 09:57:49PM -0400, Steven Hirsch wrote:
> Not on CoCo, but yes for Apple 2, Apple 3 and TI-99 (!).  Also have the 
> Pecan P-System for MS-DOS and Mac.  Oh, and the Lisa has a full P-System 
> available as part of the Pascal Workbench.

If you get a free N hours, you should try moving a pcode module from
OS-9 to one of those, or vice-versa, and let us know what happens. 

I do know that the OS-9 Pascal compiler sticks an empty OS-9 module on
the begining of the pcode file as a header.  You'll have to split that
off/add it on.

My housemate has a TI-99.  Interesting but unfortunately crippled
machine.  I'd heard that it had a P-system.  Does the Pcode engine run
directly on the CPU or is it a GROM?

You have a running Apple 3?  Wow, I'd be jealous, but then you might
give it to me or something. ;-)

> Haven't done a whole lot with any of them, but the very few programs that 
> I've moved from one environment to the other appear to work fine. 
> Everything back then was console apps, so there's not much to be 
> incompatible with at the abstract level.

Does the P-System define a terminal type or is it just a dumb

Yeah, GUIs and their "we must have the same look-and-feel" fanatics
are one of the strong forces that pull apart JVM compatibility.  

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