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Yes, it's outdated. RF in only, and NTCS only. But those wouldn't be a problem using it as a CoCo to TV interface. The RCA out is the real limitation there. Size isn't a problem, doesn't take much for a receiver.

There isn't a problem buying from Unity. I've purchased several items from them -- good people to deal with. I think it's just a small company with a limited product line, but they do have some great prices on new and refurbed items. I've never had problems with refurbed electronics -- no more than with new ones anyway. I've got a refurbed hard drive I've been using for years and had new ones go out within a month. Still using a couple refurbed laptops I purchased 6-7 years ago. The PIII is getting a little long in the tooth, but still works great for e-mail and Internet when on a trip.

Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2011 17:23:08 -0700
From: Steve Bjork<6809er at srbsoftware.com>


There are many reason why it is so cheap and not to buy it...
1) The small size at only 3" by 5".
2) Refurbished.
3) While the test list "Supports TV, CATV and Video functions", There is
no video input in the photos.  (maybe they are using the RF in as the
Video in.  But it's only labeled RF-IN.)
4) Only NTCS and no DTV. (Can't pick up the new Digital Format.)

But the main reason not to buy from Unity Electronics is the "Ads by
Google" all over the product page. No retailer is going to put ads for
their competitors (via Google) intermix with the products.  (You don't
want to send your cusomers to the competitors.) That would be like
Target handing out Walmart coupons as you walk in their door.  Something
is up with that!

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