[Coco] Difficulty loading CAS files - real Coco2 from PC audio out and CocoTape.exe

Eric Keppel keppel at earthsounds.com
Mon Mar 28 17:51:27 EDT 2011

Hi Folks!  I'm new here, and did a search of several months previous
posts without finding and answer to my situation.  My Google-fu is
usually strong, but it has failed me, so I thought I would ask...

I have a real Coco2 with 16K and ECB 1.1 and have made up a cable to
connect the 5-pin DIN cassette connector on the Coco to the PC line-in
and line-out. With this setup, I am able to CSAVE and CLOAD any basic
programs that I write myself by saving and playing WAV files.  I've
tested it and can save and load just fine.  

However, I have had no success in loading and running even very
small .CAS files I have found around the web, using CocoTape to play
them as audio files into the Coco2.  

For example CRAZMAZ.CAS and MUSIC.CAS are only 5272b and 953b
respectively, so I know they will fit in memory, but when I CLOAD them,
they appear to load and then there is nothing but garbage when I try to
LIST them.  EXEC doesn't seem to work either, and I have tried to CLOADM
with CocoTape's -cloadm option, which also seems to load, but then won't
EXEC or LIST.   Even CAS files that look like they *should* fit in
memory like INVADERS.CAS which is 8114b gets an OM error after the load
for a while, which IIRC is an Out of Memory error.

Is there something I am doing wrong here?  Maybe I don't know how to use
CocoTape properly or is there another program like CocoTape that will do
what I need better?  

I would also like to be able to load DSK files and/or Rom PAKs into this
Coco2, but I don't know if that is possible with this setup ands no
physical disk drive, disk basic rom pak or anything - just the Coco
itself connected to the PC via cassette interface.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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