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Opinion? Other than saying here's my 2 cents, I don't see where this is 
simply opinion. Hardware has limitations. So does software. That's not 
opinion, that is simple fact!

Which is more important to conception, Male or Female?
Which is more important to making a fire? Fuel, Oxygen, ignition?

I've worked many years on both hardware and software at different levels. 
For a computer, neither will function without the other, but if push comes 
to shove, it is possible to build hardware that doesn't need software to 
work. You can't say that for software, it would just be a bunch of 
instructions sitting somewhere with nothing to do what it instructs. 


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At 10:47 AM 3/18/2011, you wrote:
>Adding my 2 cents...I'm actually kinda of surprised to see this type of
>debate on this list....Yes hardware and software depend on each other, 
>are required to make everything work. I have to disagree that Software is
>more powerful than hardware since the hardware is ultimately what makes 
>all happen in the end. Yes the software directs actions and does all 
>of calculations and such, but that is all because the hardware is busy
>working on what the software tells it to do.

This goes deeper than an opinion about which part of a computer 
product makes the most happen.

~ Roger Taylor

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